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Giving to Athletics

There are many things that have been said about the Roeper Athletic experience. That learning to be a part of a team is invaluable. That sports participation helps establish active habits that support a healthy lifestyle. That participant’s learn to deal with success and failure; to work together as a group, to put aside individual differences. But more often than not, it’s that participants discover that they could learn, grow, compete and achieve far beyond anything imaginable.

“The athletic program has played an integral role in the development of me as a person, along with my fellow teammates. Sports have taught me something that no other part of my education could have. It has taught me what hard work, motivation and willpower can do.

Without the athletic program I would not know how far I could push myself – not just in sports, but in life. I would not be who I am today if it were not for the sports program. It has taught me to be competitive, to want to achieve a goal, and to want to win. You experience a certain type of camaraderie with your teammates that can never be replaced. Putting hours of hard work and sweat into something with other people builds a bond that can never be broken.

Sports have made me a better person. Please give back to the program so that other students can continue to learn things about themselves, like I have.”

Ian Savas, graduating class of 2012



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There are many ways to pitch in, from event help to office help to team help (clock, score, book, gate, etc.). To lend a hand, please contact

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