"No matter how much we advocated for our child, we could not change the structure of the public school. It simply was not a fitting educational setting for her. At Roeper she has become empowered and has blossomed as a result. The level of trust at Roeper gives her a great feeling of self-worth. She knows she is valued in this community. We are looking forward to many wonderful years at The Roeper School." -Upper School Parent

"When we brought our daughter to Roeper several years ago, we thought we were paying for an education that would challenge and engage our child. She has received that and so much more. She has been surrounded by a community of peers, teachers and administrators who truly care about her as a person. They have given her a clear message that they care about her and she has responded." -Stage IV Parent

"What a difference an atmosphere of love and respect for other humans can make. Roeper offers that atmosphere. It is a wonderful, non-threatening place to emerge and discover one’s self and the world beyond. Not only does the Roeper student benefit, but the family and ultimately the world does as well." -Lower School Parent 







"Teachers don’t categorize the students. Everyone is his or her own kind of person. They know you as you- not just the A+ student."

"Roeper gives you wings and lets you fly."

"It is a privilege (one that is just given to us) to say what we need to say when we need to say it. You have freedom; you are always listened to, you aren’t held back."

"Roeper makes me feel I can finally be myself."













"Roeper influenced me tremendously. The main thing I learned from Roeper is to question everything. But I also learned, in a deep and visceral way, that we all have a responsibility to our community as well as to ourselves. I think Roeper passes that sort of civic virtue along as a natural outgrowth of its humanistic philosophy."

-Brad Rourke, Class of ‘83, The Harwood Institute for Public Innovation, Bethesda, Maryland

"The whole Roeper philosophy- about taking some responsibility, about taking your citizenship to the world, about fighting against oppression- all of that had a great impact on shaping me into the person I am today."

-Honorable Herman Marable Jr., Class of ‘80, District Court Judge, Flint, Michigan

"Roeper, in my 12 years there, helped me to unfold and unwrap myself and taught me things that have helped me in my life to remain unfettered by labels and avoid being put back in a box."

-Karriem Ali, Class of ‘77, Physician and Biodiversity Specialist

"My experience at Roeper of self-motivated study made it possible for me to enter Harvard and become involved in an entirely new field. I still love to study and I attribute that entirely to Roeper."

-Hillary Hill Burnett, Class of ‘72

"I think my Roeper education is part of the reason I chose and remain committed to providing legal services to the poor, particularly poor children. It helped me realize, in Douglas Adams’ detective Dirk Gently’s words, "The fundamental interconnectedness of all things."

Jamey Bell, Class of ‘82, Legal Aid Lawyer 


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