Bloomfield Hills Campus- Lower School

41190 Woodward Avenue
Bloomfield Hills MI 48304
(248) 203-7300

Located on 13 partially wooded acres, the Lower School is nestled off of busy Woodward Avenue. With its iconic domes constructed in the 1960's and stately mansion where the Roepers lived and housed the entire school, the Bloomfield campus serves as a safe place to explore and to learn. Faculty and students take every opportunity possible to take the learning outside whether they are examining wildlife within the creek, playing quidditch on the field, or learning water safety in the pool. Traveling between the various classrooms and buildings sprawled among the campus allows students to gain independence and experience as responsible citzens.

Birmingham Campus- MIddle & Upper SChools

Central to our philosophy is an understanding of interdependence; we depend on each other for our growth as learners. The spaces we occupy should foster this idea. Students need spaces that enhance their academic work around research and media literacy, but they also need places to informally gather, socialize, work collaboratively on a project, have a snack, and share time together. The deliberate creation of a Learning Commons in the center of our building will be the intersection of academic common space and social common space. It will encourage the interdependent relationships we have fostered through the Lower School and hold dearly in Middle and Upper School.

Renovations are now underway and are estimated to be complete spring 2017. Envisioned as a skylight-covered tri-level space, built up from the scene shop and with access to the current first and second floor hallways, the Learning Commons will be the literal and figurative heart of the Birmingham campus. Covering approximately 9,000 square-feet, its development includes a reimagining of part of the first floor, the area currently used as the College Counseling office and Library. A hub of inquiry, the Learning Commons will include a physical space for students to study independently and in groups. It will be rich in technology and include access to distancelearning opportunities that capture the varied interests of our students. The Learning Commons will be both a common space for social gathering and a common space for academic pursuits.

1051 Oakland Avenue
Birmingham MI 48009

Lower School [map] 41190 Woodward Avenue
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304
Upper & Middle Schools [map]
1051 Oakland Avenue
Birmingham, MI 48009

Main: 248.203.7300
Fax: 248.203.7310

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