Giftedness is the asynchronous development in which advanced cognitive ability and heightened intensity combine to create an inner experience and awareness that are different from the norm.

Parents often ask, how do I know if my child is gifted? We have found that there are certain emotional, intellectual and academic characteristics that are frequently found in gifted children.  For instance, a large vocabulary and a strong sense of justice are often seen in gifted children. They are often curious, perfectionistic, intense and argumentative. See below for more examples which we hope will be a good starting place for identifying giftedness in your own children.


Disclaimer — Although the items listed below are often seen in gifted children, it should be noted that all gifted children DO NOT exhibit all of these traits all of the time.


  • Concerns for others (empathy)
  • Sensitivity in relationships
  • Strong sense of justice
  • Interest in life and/or death
  • Argumentativeness
  • Spontaneity
  • High level of energy
  • Prefers adult company
  • Sophistication
  • Discrepancy between personal /social skills and intellectual skills


  • Probing questions
  • Curiosity
  • Avid reading, detailed planning
  • Analytical thinking
  • Perfectionist or appears to be disorganized
  • Driven to understand the complex things
  • Noticing what no one else does
  • Need for precision in thinking and expression
  • High ability to think abstractly that develops early
  • Unusual capacity for memory


  • Originality
  • Self-taught
  • Large vocabulary, loves "big" words
  • Ability to learn in an integrative, intuitive, non-linear manner
  • Learns rapidly
  • High degree of curiosity
  • Boredom
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