Citation Resources

To be a good student, you must know how to properly cite the works you use and understand the differences between quoting and paraphrasing. All the links on this page cover how to cite, tools to help you cite and explanations of how to best quote in your work.

A+ Research and Writing Guide: Put together by the Internet Public Library, this guide will walk you through figuring out a topic, how to search for good resources and then how to use them in your paper. Worth reading through once and referring to along the way. Page about copyright that's put together by the U.S. Copyright Office. Contains a lot of information and a good place to look if you want to understand the larger discussions around copyright.

Purdue Writing Center MLA Style Guide: A guide for MLA with up to date examples that covers all types of sources. There are two copies of the MLA handbook in the library if you can't find what you're looking for here.

University of Michigan Citation Guide: This collection of pages shows examples of MLA and APA as well as an explanation of critical citation information. If you're feeling unsure of what a citation should do, this is a site to explore.

Citation Tools: These are sites that can help you to keep track of citations, but use them sparingly to insure that you understand how citation works. Use them as a check against your own citation constrution.

Citation Machine, Easy Bib, RefWorks, Zotero



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