General Reference

All the links on this page will help you to start any project as they present broad resources. Some of them go deeper and will be linked on other pages as well.

Creative Commons Search: Are you looking for an image, a piece of music or somethng else? This is the site where all of the data is provided by the creators for specific open uses. A collection of reference books, verse, ficiton and non-ficiton that is searchable and provides easy to fnd quotations of well known authors.

Ebooks: A collection of ebooks covering many topics from Ebsco, good for when you want a sense of what the research is like for any topic.

Gale Virtual Reference Library: This database holds searchable reference materials among all subject areas and is a great place to begin researching for a topic that's new to you.

Hathi Trust: Academic, historical and fiction books that have been scanned and made freely available. Run from the University of Michigan, Hathi Trust will help you find information as well as the chance to look at early editions.

Internet Public Library: A great resource for getting a sense of many topics that can be searched by subject, age level or specific collections. There's an entire section just on science experiments and one on how to write a good research paper.

Khan Academy: This is a site that can have useful resources but consider it as you would Wikipedia, a place to get a general idea or a review but don't rely upon it as the quality of teaching within the videos varies.

Library of Congress: Collections of documents, images and specific collections from within American history. If you're trying to decide what you might be interested in for a paper topic on American history, this is the place to begin. Many of the databases we have link from MeL, which is a consortium of Michigan Libraries that provides access to databases, catalogs for all libraries in Michigan and Michigan specific information.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary: At this site, there's the classic Webster dictionary as well as access to a Thesaurus, Spanish-English dictionary and a Medical Dictionary. In the shelves, there's a copy of the same dictionary as well as a Spanish-English dictionary.

Oxford English Dictionary: The best dictionary for seeing not only a word's meaning but its history. There's a copy of this dictionary in the reference collection but online you can do a quicker search.

Wikipedia: The reference site that everyone tends to begin with other than Google. It can be a good place to get basic information on a new topic and the links of references at the bottom of every page are valuable, but this is where research starts.


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