Founders George and Annemarie Roeper believed that all human beings have two central tasks: to come to understand themselves and to discover how they will contribute to the world.  As a pre-K through secondary school, Roeper plays a formative role in the pursuit of these lifelong goals and offers a whole child education for gifted individuals driven by the humanistic philosophy of our founders.  Our purpose is to guide students on the journey to becoming discerning, humane, engaged adults.

In gifted individuals, powerful thinking combines with an emotional intensity to create a worldview that differs from the norm and is supported best by an exceptional learning environment.  For these reasons, the distinctive approach of The Roeper School- one that is highly individualized and focused on the social and emotional needs of students- is appropriate for gifted children.  The breadth and depth of our academic program, our appreciations for the inherent dignity and emotional complexity of each student, and our authentic partnership with children in the learning process help gifted students realize their potential and their impact on the world.

A Roeper education is characterized by outstanding and profound student-teacher relationships that foster mutual respect.  When children are genuinely offered a voice from young ages, they grow to become adults who will do the same for others.  This belief pervades every practice of the school and arises from our philosophical conviction that equal human rights breeds a valuable sense of justice and interdependence.  We emphasize the importance of students doing their own thinking and making their own choices both in and out of the classroom, so that they become active stakeholders in their education and in their communities.  Our curriculum is purposefully structured around the needs and input of students and encourages collaborative learning through peer and multi-age groupings and interactions.  The dynamics of our school are designed to empower students and simultaneously to explore the drawbacks of power-driven structures in societies and civilizations.

The culmination of a Roeper education has many possible outcomes: our goal is to prepare students with the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate the unknowns on our collective horizon.  Students engage every day with inquiry-driven learning focused around problems, projects and complex questions.  Our dedication to diversity not only ensures multiple perspectives, but also enriches decision-making and the search for solutions.  We hold process in equal regard with content and promote a nuanced understanding of subjects and a passion for learning.  Playfulness, exploration, and personal discovery are essential elements at all levels of our school, and as a result, our students apply information in thoughtful and innovative ways.  With this holistic perspective, Roeper succeeds in matriculating students of uncommon excellence to the schools and opportunities of their choice.

At the time The Roeper School was founded in 1941, George and Annemarie were pioneers in their methods and beliefs.  Today, mainstream currents in education aspire to align with those that have steered our school for decades, which only confirms the visionary nature and enduring significance of a Roeper foundation.  We specialize in the education of gifted individuals because it is for these students that a humanistic approach to learning is especially compatible and constructive.  When their intellectual, emotional, ethical and physical needs are cared for, gifted children flourish and become compelling thinkers, compassionate agents, and fulfilled adults.  The Roeper School offers a panoramic educational experience that reaches past the scope of college preparation and inspires individuals for life.

Approved by the Board of Trustees November 2013

Lower School [map] 41190 Woodward Avenue
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304
Upper & Middle Schools [map]
1051 Oakland Avenue
Birmingham, MI 48009

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