Stage I Art is designed to allow the three and four year old child an introduction to the world of art. Through experimentation and exploration of various media and processes, the child will begin to view art as a part of their natural world and as a vital means of self expression. The child is encouraged to learn by touching and manipulating art materials and will begin a lifelong aesthetic awareness. Most importantly, Stage I Art encourages self discovery and the joy of the creative process in a positive, nurturing environment.


Our Stage II Art program is designed to meet the developmental needs of children, while teaching visual literacy and nurturing creative expression. Art elements and principles are explored through experiential art activities utilizing a vast array of art materials and tools. Activities foster skill development and reflect appreciation and respect for the beautiful and unique marks created by each child.


Self-expression is encouraged in our Stage III Art program as children learn a broad range of skills and techniques. The creative process is valued as we foster respect for each artist in a safe and nurturing environment. We promote a holistic approach to teaching art, bringing together disciplines and community members as we share themes and studies.


Stage IV Art is designed to encompass a wide range of visual topics and media, thereby giving the students a variety of artistic experiences. The elective structure of the classes allows the students to make choices which explore specific areas of interest, encourage creative problem solving and reinforce the cooperative interdependence of our community. The classes often include topics which reflect a multicultural and art historical approach to subject matter. The Stage IV Art curriculum is also committed to actively involving the students in community service based projects such as "Empty Bowls."

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